Wendel’s-Fort Langley

Located on the corner of Glover and Mavis in historic Fort Langley, Wendel’s is a charming little cafe and bookstore that proves popular with locals and tourists alike. This was my second ever visit to this little shop, and both times I’ve been in, they’ve been packed, both inside and out on their patio.

The cafe itself is warm and inviting, helped out by the presence of the bookstore as well as the limited space inside. Personally, I get a “rustic farmhouse” vibe from the place, but you may want to take my decor descriptions with a grain of salt-I’m no interior designer after all. Regardless, whether you are attending Wendel’s in a small group or a larger posse, they can accommodate any sized group. Overall, a very welcoming space.

The staff are generally quite friendly, as you’d expect from something of a tourist spot. Even though they have to face a line of customers that seemingly never quiets, the baristas seem to genuinely have a good time at their job, a telling sign of a well-run establishment. Given their customer volume, their speed of service was to be commended. They are definitely professionals when it comes to the delicate balance of connecting with clientele and keeping the line moving.

As is tradition, I ordered a regular latte during my latest visit. What the decor and the service built you up for, the latte tore that all down. It was, all in all, rather lackluster, both in appearance and taste. The foam was below par. There were several large bubbles visible on top and the foam had no staying power, instead dissolving rather rapidly, parting the way for the heart of the latte to take centre stage. Only, the heart wasn’t ready for the spotlight. While creamy and smooth, that’s about where the positives stopped. The espresso flavour was quite bland and there was nothing that jumped out at me as a flavour profile. In all honesty, it kind of reminded me of those gas station “cappuccino” machines. Now, like I say, they were quite busy at the time when I ordered, so they may have been rushing things a little, but nonetheless, it was not a very memorable latte.

Atmosphere: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Coffee: 2.5/5

Overall: 3/5


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