Goats on Roof- Home

This entry will be a little different then my standard reviews. This coffee, the Billy Gruff blend, is a coffee that I’ve been drinking at home as of late. Feel free to leave some feedback/comments on what you think of this type of post below.

I picked this variety up while on a camping trip on Vancouver island last month. Located in Coombs, just outside of Parksville, Coombs Old Country Market is a must-visit place if you’re in the area. Not only do they have a stunning variety of goods to purchase in their store, including this lovely coffee, but they have goats that actually hang out on the roof!

The Packaging

Roasted in Nanaimo, and pegged as a “medium-dark roast blend”, this coffee is, simply put, balanced. It’s not overwhelming like some dark roasts can be, but it has more of a kick then you’d expect from your standard medium roast. It’s very smooth, and easy to drink. I totally forgot how much I paid for this bag of beans, so I asked their goats (literally, check out their website). Priced at $13.99, it’s perfect for the morning, but great for an afternoon pick me up too!

Open daily from March to December, 9am-7pm, Coombs Old Country Market is a must-see place on the Island!

Overall: 4/5


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