The Penny-Mission

A charming cafe nestled in the middle of 1st Avenue in Mission, B.C, The Penny has what I would describe as a “relaxed, yet hip” vibe to it. When you walk in, the outside hustle and bustle is all but forgotten. You are almost teleported to a more quiet, calming version of the street. It really is a great place to get away for an hour or two, either with some friends, or by yourself.

A little glimpse into The Penny

It should be no surprise that The Penny is decorated with many actual pennies. They dominate the wall behind the bar, but in a good way. There are touches of copper throughout the rest of the cafe that help to seamlessly create a unified space. A wide variety of seating options: everything from communal tables, to more intimate two-person ones, allows for a space that everyone can enjoy (even the kids as they have their own area to play while their parents get a much needed caffeine boost).

My latte

I ordered a latte during my visit (surprise, surprise) and it was quite good. The foam wasn’t as dense as many other lattes I’ve had, but it still remained as part of the beverage for a respectable amount of time before dissipating fully. From the first sip, the boldness of the espresso really jumps out at you. Now, it wasn’t overpowering by any means, but it certainly reminded you that it was “there” with every sip. There was also a hint of chocolate that added a bit of sweetness to the drink, thus helping tame that bold espresso. Also, I’d like to give a shout out to local Mission coffee roaster, Smoking Gun Coffee, you guys always do an amazing job! High-fives all around to everyone involved in this endeavour.

Coffee: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 5/5

Overall: 4/5


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