Interview with Tyler, author of TheBloom

This is Tyler.

Hey guys! So, if you hadn’t guessed from the title, the blog this week is going to take on a slightly different format. This week we are talking with Tyler, a former Vancouverite now based out of Calgary, creator of TheBloom blog (links and the like will be below, he’s well worth a follow). Hope you all enjoy!

What is your favourite coffee related beverage?
My favourite coffee related beverage is a trad-capp. To me, the ratio of 2oz of espresso and 6oz of steamed whole milk is the best way to appreciate the notes that are present in the espresso without getting drowned out by too much milk. If a cafe can nail this drink I’ll keep coming back time and time again.  

What is your favourite brewing method and why?
Man this is tough. There are so many amazing ways to experience coffee. Like I mentioned in my previous answer, I do love espresso and find myself most mornings pulling shots on my machine. But I must say that if I’m feeling like filter coffee, my go-to is my Chemex. One of the main reasons why I love the Chemex so much is that I can brew enough for myself and to share with others. It’s what I love about coffee, that it connects people together. So if you’re ever in Calgary, make sure to stop by my place! I’ll brew you up something tasty.

When did you first start drinking coffee?
I can remember drinking old-style Italian cappuccinos with my dad when I was still in high school. They were dark, with that iconic dry foam on top but it was something about having one of these after a nice dinner that began to get my wondering what was all involved with coffee. I grew up in Vancouver so I was never without amazing coffee shops to explore and experience. After a trip down to Costa Rica about 10 years ago that really began my fascination with specialty coffee. Being in origin was like a light-bulb moment. It awakened me and my senses to want to learn more, drink more, and experience more. It was soon after that where I began to get really serious about specialty coffee. 

What made you want to start a coffee-related blog?
The honest truth is when my personal Instagram account began to have more coffee pictures than ones about my own family I knew something had to change! LOL. And so after one day having coffee with my friends at RoofTop Coffee Roasters they really encouraged me to consider blogging and to take further than just some Instagram posts. I had felt for a while like I wanted to have a voice in the specialty coffee community and to do something unique here in Calgary. We have a bunch of food bloggers, but no one really blogging more than just cafe reviews. 

I say on my blog about specialty coffee:
“For some people figuring out how to begin this journey can feel a bit overwhelming. I don’t want you to feel like you have to fumble your way through it.”

To me that really is what is so important! To help people find a place where they can see specialty coffee as something approachable and not overwhelming. And to find for themselves the enjoyment that I have found myself.

If you could change one thing about the coffee industry, what would it be?
Wow that’s quite the question. There has been so much change (for the good) in the specialty coffee community that I have witnessed in my years. I think one thing I would love to see change when it comes to the coffee industry is an even greater sense of humility and openness. There are some who would say things like “cold brew is terrible” or “death before decaf” but at the end of the day, sometimes these can be the stepping stones to help people discover even more about coffee. While maybe they aren’t “our” desired ways to drink coffee, we need a greater sense of humility to recognize that specialty coffee isn’t all about us.

Do you have a favourite coffee shop?
That’s like asking me if I have a favourite child! LOL. I have certainly visited some amazing cafes over the years. Vancouver alone easily has some of the best cafes. Cities like LA and Seattle have won my heart when it comes to the coffee culture there. So I don’t think I’m going to be able to answer this one I’m afraid. But what I love about specialty coffee is that there are always more cafes to visit and explore. 

Be sure to check out Tyler’s blog here.
He’s also on Instagram here.

Let me know in the comments or on my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram if you have any more questions or comments for Tyler. Cheers!


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