The Polly Fox-Abbotsford

Their charming logo.

Located in charming Downtown Abbotsford, The Polly Fox is slightly different than your average cafe in that everything they serve is 100% gluten-free. Now, as delicious as their baked goods are (their banana bread is amazing), my focus remains on the coffee aspect of the cafe.

For starters, the staff at The Polly Fox are great. They’re very approachable, knowledgeable, and they make the shop feel warm and inviting. The service is prompt and professionally delivered. There really is nothing bad that I can say about the people and the culture that they’ve fostered.

The actual physical space is very hip and trendy. There’s a very ‘clean cut’ look to it. In my humble opinion, they’ve developed a vision for their brand that successfully translates to their space. It’s very well done and cohesive. Even though I describe it as ‘clean cut’, there’s also a lot of ‘homey’ elements that make it a cozy, relaxing space. The balance they’ve achieved is admirable.

My Latte (I love the dark shades in the crema).

The latte I ordered could be described as ‘dividing’, a description that will become clearer in a moment. It was very espresso-forward, it was definitely the star of the beverage. Personally, this is something that I enjoy. I also really like their coffee supplier (Republica Coffee Roasters based in Fort Langley), so that helps too. Due to this boldness, I feel as though the foam, and to a certain extent, the milk, gets lost in the drink. However, the espresso has very vivid chocolate notes to it that really help add a certain richness to the latte that aids in adding a layer of depth. Overall, it’s a decent latte. Like I say, it could be polarizing to some, and it might scare some people off, but I quite enjoyed it.

Service: 4.5/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Coffee: 3.5/5

Overall: 4/5

You can follow The Polly Fox on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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