Smoking Gun Coffee-Home

Located on 1st Avenue in Mission, B.C. (actually attached to beloved local coffee shop, The Penny), Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters has been specializing in ethically sourced, small-batch coffee since 2015. I’ve always been a fan of their coffee as they always taste that they’ve been thoughtfully produced. You can tell that they put a lot of love into the beans and the roasting process. Their brand of coffee is always of the highest quality, and this blend that I bought was nothing short of the same.

I picked up the Guatemala blend which they describe as having tasting notes that include dark chocolate and shortbread cookie. This is a very accurate summary of the flavour, and it provides a richness to the coffee that immediately hits you when you take your first sip. The chocolate taste really comes through, almost dominating the profile of the coffee. There is a good amount of body to it, yet it isn’t terribly bold, rather walking a fine line. Overall, it’s very smooth which makes it a perfect “anytime” coffee. I couldn’t recommend this blend enough!

Be sure to follow Smoking Gun Coffee on Instagram here.

Overall: 4.5/5


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