Beanstock 2019-Part II

Hey guys! Did you miss Part I detailing my overall experience at Beanstock 2019? Not to worry, click here to check that out. If not, welcome to Part II, nice to have you here. In this second installment, I will be exploring my three favourite roasters from Beanstock 2019. Let’s dive in!

Thanks Agro for the great drink!

1) Agro Coffee Roasters
Based in Vancouver, Agro is committed to sustainability and ethically sourcing their coffee. At Beanstock, I had a blend of espresso and steamed oat milk. I’ve never been disappointed with a beverage containing Agro beans and that streak did not end on this day-it was fantastic! The delicate profile of the espresso mingled with the perfectly prepared oat milk creating a delightful coffee experience. There were a number of contenders vying for that number one spot, but in the end, Agro won out. Check out Agro Roasters on Instagram.

2) Matchstick Coffee
With five cafe locations (and a roastery), it’s safe to say that Matchstick is a staple of the Vancouver coffee scene. They were the first stop on our media tour, and it was a great way to kick things off. We were served their Kuta Espresso- a lovely roast from the Kuta Ridge area in Papua New Guinea. Tasting notes of chocolate and almond really came through for me. Those of you who know me know that these notes are right up my alley. Overall, it was a nice balanced blend. It was definitely one that I would try again. If you are interested in purchasing Kuta Espresso you can find the link here.

3) Structure Coffee Roasters
Rounding out my top three is Structure Coffee. They flew all the way from Montreal for the event and I’m glad they did. We got to sample their Aleta Wendo roast, an Ethiopian coffee. It was named after the town where farmers bring their coffee cherries to be washed. That’s something I liked about Structure, they’ll often name their blends either after the farmers that supplied the coffee, or after something that played a role in getting the beans ready. To find out more about Structure, click here. Anyway, back to the Aleta Wendo. The notes of peach really came through for me as did the honey. Normally, I’m not a big fan of fruity coffee, but this was different. This left me wanting more. I could easily drink a cup (or three) of this.

Sorry for the awful picture quality (too much caffeine).

Just because there were so many great roasters to choose from, I feel obligated to include an honourable mention. That honour goes to Rooftop Coffee Roasters. Literally started on a rooftop in Fernie, B.C, they’ve come a long way. I had the pleasure of sampling both their Columbian and Guatemalan roasts. Both were great (especially the Columbian. As a bonus, they were a pleasure to talk to! Go show them some love on their Instagram!

Well, that concludes my time at Beanstock 2019. I’m already looking forward to next year. As for the blog, I’ll have a brand new review for you next Tuesday. See you then!


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