Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee-Home

Since 2012, Four Sigmatic has been creating mushroom-based beverages, including their mushroom coffee mix that I recently tried. I figured it was time to branch out a bit more from the normal latte or drip coffee that I’ve been drinking for years. This particular beverage peaked my interest for several reasons. First, two words: mushroom coffee. It just sounds weird, or, in other words, right up my alley. Second, their variety of mushroom coffee blends have many health benefits, everything from increasing your productivity level to providing you with more energy. Anyway, let’s take a sip and dive in.

Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

Everything about this coffee screams “regular coffee” It both looks and smells like your average cup of joe. It is more of a medium roast with a very lively body to it. There is a caramel-like taste that is very prominent. Now, I don’t know if this was psychological or not, as their website claims you can’t, but I got a slight hint of a mushroom flavour about halfway through the cup. Even so, when I say slight, I mean incredibly slight. It was hardly a deal breaker. There was a very pleasant finish to the coffee. It had a very nutty, and slight earthiness to it that really finished the blend off nicely. All it all, it was quite a nice experience.

Overall: 4/5


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