Robbeans Coffee-Home

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this journey so far, it’s that great coffee can come from anywhere, including someone’s garage. Yes, you read that correctly, a garage. More specifically, Rob’s garage. Now, who is this Rob? Self described as being coffee obsessed, Rob is a specialty coffee micro-roaster based out of California. I got in touch with Rob on Instagram and he so graciously sent me a bag of his Peru coffee. I’ll dive into it more in a second, but long story short, this was a very, very good coffee.

First, I tried this coffee both as an Aeropress and a French press-both were amazing! Now, being a medium roast, it was overall a quite mellow roast with a very smooth finish to it. Overall it had a great mouthfeel. The chocolate notes were very prominent in this roast and lingered even after the sip. There are also slight fruity notes as well that help flesh out the body, creating an overall more rich and memorable experience. I would highly recommend!

Now’s the time where I shower you with links. First and foremost, his website. This is where you can find out more about Rob, and show him some love by buying some of his amazing coffee. Next, be sure to show him some love on Instagram. He’s a great guy to chat to and he does some amazing stuff over there. Finally, you can also follow me on Instagram if you like, I wouldn’t say no. Just a quick announcement while I have you here: there will be no new post this coming Tuesday (the 10th), but we will be back with a special two-part series to end out the year starting on the 17th. See you then!

Overall: 4.5/5


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