Nemesis Coffee- Vancouver

Nemesis, self described on their website as “a conduit for game changers and anyone getting lost in the hustle” made a pretty impressive first impression upon me as I walked into their shop on West Hastings. To me, the aesthetic of Nemesis is a combination of a bunch of different things that shouldn’t fit together, but in some weird way they make it work. They’ve got some clean-cut minimalism, coupled with some rugged, rough around the edges type of vibe (in a good way), topped with some good ol’ fashioned “we know how to make a damn good coffee” strut. There’s a chance I may have lost some of you there, but trust me, they got a cool vibe going on.

Sorry, this was the only photo I got there and it does not do it justice!

Their staff is pretty on point as well. You can definitely tell they’re having a good time behind that bar, but they are also extremely knowledgeable and they know their product well. This definitely enhanced the experience, making it all the more memorable. As a bonus, they were whipping these drinks up at a pretty good pace without having an effect on the quality of them. It was good stuff!

My initial thought upon taking my first sip of my latte was that it was very creamy in all the best ways possible. There was a nice balance between the espresso and the milk with one not overpowering the other. I also noticed that there was a slight nuttiness to it as well which was quite pleasant and set it apart from the sea of lattes I’ve consumed for this blog. Overall, it was a pretty gosh darn good latte- made even better by both the atmosphere and service. Thanks Nemesis!

Atmosphere: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Coffee: 4/5

Overall: 4/5


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