Moon Roast Coffee-U.K.

Moon Roast Coffee is situated in the heart of the Candover Valley (geography lesson anyone?). Judging by the photos I Googled, it looks like an amazingly beautiful countryside. The origin of their name is an interesting one. They started roasting coffee in a barn on their property, “by the light of the moon” as the story goes, and that’s what sparked the name. Straightforward, yet poetic as a good origin story should be. Moon Roast takes great pride in roasting both their unique blends as well as single-origin coffee, creating unique flavour profiles that help the brand stand out. Check out all their blends here. Let me say, the roast I got was nothing short of spectacular!

My particular roast was the La Joyeria Columbian blend. Honestly, these were some of the best beans I’ve had in a good while. As you know, I’m not big on fruity coffee, but the blueberry notes in this blend were hardly a turnoff. I think it helped in part that they were more on the subtle side of things, rather than being front and centre. Aside from the blueberry, the caramel really came through for me. While it did create a sweeter taste, it was once again not too overpowering and I would happily drink two or more cups of this in a sitting. Overall, this blend was highlighted by balance. Not too sweet, not too bold, and not too fruity- it was just the right amount of everything. A true testament to what moon Roast prides itself on, producing quality blends with unique flavour profiles. If you’re ever in the area, I highly suggest paying them a visit, they truly are experts on the coffee roasting scene.

Overall: 4.5/5


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