Rampage Coffee’s New Espresso ‘Ignition’- Home

I love the look of this bag!

This week, as the title suggests, I’m discussing the limited edition espresso from Rampage Coffee, ‘Ignition’. At the time of writing this post, they were nearly sold out (update: they are now officially SOLD OUT of it). But fear not, they plan to do more limited releases and other cool things in the future. For now, you can browse their coffee selection here. All of their coffee is amazing, so you really can’t go wrong. Oh, and follow them on Instagram to stay in the know for future limited releases.

On to the espresso itself. This particular review is based off a french press of the blend. As far as espresso goes, I noticed that this was quite balanced overall. It wasn’t like some that can be bold to the point of being off-putting. In terms of flavour notes, it had a slight smokiness to it which was nice, setting it apart from other roasts. Additionally, it was very earthy. Chocolate and fruit tones weren’t really highlighted in this blend (which was a-okay, it’s good to have variety). Like I say, this was a very well rounded espresso and just adds to my love of the Rampage Coffee brand. They know what their doing. I highly encourage you to check them out!

Overall: 4.25/5


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