Brews Brothers Coffee- Home

Brews Brothers Coffee, established in 2007, has been a fixture in Sierra Vista, Arizona. They boast roughly two dozen different roasts, both decaf and regular, in their impressive lineup. Additionally, they also have a coffee shop, which I have yet to have the pleasure of visiting, but I would love to one day. The roaster, Ricardo Sariñana has put his own personalized touch on the cafe, doing much of the lettering for the signs himself (which I think is super cool!). It’s safe to say that Ricardo is a man of many talents- not only is he artistic, but he is a very talented roaster, creating many impressive blends.

The coffee that I had the pleasure of trying was the Black and Tan House Blend, which is a medium/dark Guatemalan roast. Initially I got bold, smoky notes, reminiscent of tobacco, something that I haven’t gotten from a lot of the coffees I’ve tried for the blog, so that helped make it more memorable and set it apart from the others. While the smokiness might turn some people away, the coffee had a way of balancing that out with notes of both caramel and cocoa. All of these notes compliment each other nicely. It’s not too bold, and not too sweet, but just right. Overall, it was a very nice, exciting coffee. Thanks Brews Brothers!

Overall: 4.5/5


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