Lark Coffee Roasters (Part I)- Home

This week marks part one of a two part series profiling four different roasts from Creston, BC based roaster Lark Coffee Roasters. Boasting an impressive selection of roasts, Lark Coffee has been increasingly popular, not only in Creston, but BC as a whole and beyond. In my order, I received two 340g bags as well as two samples to taste. This post will explore the two samples, first the Papua New Guinea- Goroka followed by one of their Ethiopian varieties- Kawo Kamina.

First up, Lark’s Papua New Guinea. This was one of my favourite coffee’s I have EVER had, and I’ll tell you why in just a second. For those of you who were curious, my rating and review of this one reflects a french press brew of the coffee. The aroma produced by this roast was very complex. It was rich, sweet, and all around provided a solid start which only continued with the first sip. It was a very natural, earthy tasting coffee that coupled nicely with the dark chocolate aftertaste creating a nice balance between the earthy and the sweet. The dark chocolate notes especially, lingered for what felt like forever (which was nice) and overall it was a very balanced, versatile coffee that felt like what a coffee should be- pleasant and perfect!

Overall: 5/5

The second coffee in this review is Lark’s Kawo Kamina Ethiopian variety. Again, for this particular review I used the french press. The main takeaway from this coffee was that it was incredible fruity! It was very vibrant, with both stone fruits and berry flavours coming through. The coffee was very lively on the palate, bouncing around, making for a quite exciting cup. As you know, I’m not usually the biggest fan of coffees with fruity notes, however, this particular roast may make me change my tune. It was both exciting and delicious! To kick it up a notch, this coffee pairs very well with chocolate.

Overall: 4.5/5

Thanks for reading this installment of the blog, and thanks to Lark Coffee Roasters for having some great samples to try. Next week, I’m taking a break week from the blog, so no new post, but I’ll be back with part two of Lark May 12th! In the meantime, make sure your following me on Instagram to stay up to date on all things related to my blog. Cheers!


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