Lark Coffee Roasters (Part II)- Home

Welcome back everyone to Part two of two reviewing Lark Coffee Roasters, For those of you who missed part one, you can peruse it here. Today I have two blends that I’ll be reviewing: ‘Blackbird’, which is a blend of Colombian, Mexican and Papua New Guinea coffees and ‘Darkwoods’, a mix of Honduras, Mexican, and Papua New Guinea. To start, let’s dig into ‘Blackbird’.

Priced at $12 for a 340g bag, I used the aeropress for the purpose of this review. This coffee was overall very smooth, yet the notes of molasses added a bit of richness to it. Additionally, both the butterscotch, and to a lesser extent the chocolate, add a nice surprise hint of sweetness to the blend without ruining the overall integrity of the blend. It had an incredibly clean finish as well. This coffee is a rather safe, easy drinking coffee that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Overall: 4/5

Darkwoods featuring Charlie.

The last of the four offerings from Lark that I’ll be reviewing- Darkwoods- was yet another solid option. Coming it at $13 for a 340g bag, I used a french press brew for this review. The first thing I noticed was the overall combination of richness and sweetness that really made this a solid blend. The nuttiness comes through sharply on this coffee, which added an extra something to it. Both rich chocolate and caramel notes come through at the end which make for a nice finish that leaves you wanting more. Again, no real complaints here, another safe, solid option from Lark Coffee Roasters.

Overall: 4/5

Also, be sure to check them out on their Website and Instagram.


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