Hasty Coffee- Home

New on the coffee scene, Hasty Coffee has quickly made a name for themselves in a way not many, if any, other companies have. They’ve reinvented instant coffee. When the term ‘instant coffee’ gets thrown around, it can turn many avid coffee drinkers off. Co-founders Jill and Ben have partnered with some amazing Canadian roasters to bring you instant specialty coffee- and, let me tell you, this stuff is really, really good! Once you’ve tried Hasty, I guarantee you won’t look at instant coffee the same ever again.

For their initial offering, Hasty teamed up with a fellow Calgary-based coffee company in David Kim Coffee to create their first offering- a West-Guji Ethiopian. Right off the bat, the first thing I noticed was that this instant coffee doesn’t taste like the instant coffee I’ve had in the past. It actually tastes good! The caramel notes really come through in this coffee which make it very smooth and easy to drink. Additionally, the presence of pineapple compliments the beverage well, adding sweetness and complexity. The citrus notes were faint, and I had to really search for them, but no marks off for that as it was an incredibly solid offering. Overall, this was a great partnership. To see where Hasty goes next, be sure to follow them on either Instagram, Facebook, or both. Cheers!

Overall: 4.5/5


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