Rose Bros Coffee- Home

Fast Facts:
Founded: 2016
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Coffee Name: Colombian Huila
Origin: Colombian
Altitude: 1500-2400M
Brew Method: Aeropress

For starters, this was easily one of my favourite Colombian coffees that I’ve ever had. The aroma was very mild, smooth, and inviting. However, this calmness all changed when it came to taste. I couldn’t get over how lively the body was on this roast- it was fantastic! The citrus notes were very pronounced in this coffee, which helped contribute to the lively body. Complimenting the citrus, quite nicely I might add, were rich chocolate notes that really rounded the roast out nicely. And finally, the finish. Much the the aroma, the finish was smooth, mellow, and clean which left a lovely lasting impression. As I said, this was easily one of my favourite Colombian’s I’ve ever tasted, and this was also one of my favourite coffee’s I’ve tried this year. Thanks, Rose Bros!

This coffee sound good? You’re in luck, you can get your own, and browse all of their offerings on the Rose Bros website. Did I mention that for every bag sold, they plant a tree! How cool is that!? Also check them out on Instagram, let them know I sent you. Cheers!

Aroma: 4/5
Taste: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5


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