2% Jazz Coffee- Home

Fast Facts:
Location: Victoria, BC
Coffee Name: The Hudson Blend
Origin: Brazil, Colombian, Indonesia
Brew Method: Aeropress

The front of the bag. I really dig the colours they used!

Coffee Review:
The coffee that I sampled from 2% Jazz is described as “bold and roasty” on the bag. This rich boldness is evident even just by smelling the beans, and is even more present after brewing the coffee. All in all, this is a dark roast done right. While some go too far dark, resulting in an ashy cup, 2% Jazz develops complex tasting notes while maintaining that level of boldness expected from a dark roast. The sweetness gained from the chocolate presence works nicely to balance out the rustic bold notes. Additional sweetness is provided through a hint of either caramel or butterscotch. If this were a medium roast, it might be too sweet, but since it is that bolder, darker roast, they provide a nice compliment to one another. As I’ve said before, dark roasts aren’t usually something I immediately go for, but this is a very nice one!

Aroma: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Overall: 4/5


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