Coffee by Jerney- Home

Recently, coffee aficionado, Jerney, was sending out some samples of his home-roasted beans. I was lucky enough to snag one of them and decided it would make for a fun and unique review. I asked Jerney why he decided to get into home roasting and originally he said he never considered it, citing “I used to think it wasn’t worth the trouble, time, and energy to get some sub par roasted coffee”. It wasn’t until IKAWA reached out to him, and his subsequent trying out the roaster, that he began experimenting. When asked his favourite part of the roasting process, Jerney replied that observing the process of the green bean transforming into a roasted bean and doing that yourself is “exciting. . . and so satisfying”.

The goods.

The coffee in question was a washed Burandi. Upon cracking open the bag, I was hit with a sweet smelling aroma, which only intrigued me further as to what this roast might entail. Initially, I got hit with both chocolate and cherry notes (a pleasant combination). As the coffee cooled, it became much more fruit-forward, adding to the complexity of the beans. Additionally, I detected citrus after-notes which really made for a crisp, clean finish. Overall, it was not a bad coffee at all! Especially considering it was from a home roaster as opposed to a commercial one. Thanks Jerney, much appreciated!

Be sure to check out Jerney’s Instagram and give him a follow. I’m always blown away by the content he produces over there.


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