Conversation with Morgan from Notepad Coffee

Do you remember the kind of things you were doing when you were nine? I was probably still picking my nose and falling down stairs. Pretty much the exact opposite of nine year old Calgarian, Morgan. For years, Morgan has had a love for coffee, so much so that he’s started his own coffee company for kids, Notepad Coffee. As soon as I caught wind of this coffee loving kid, I knew I had to see what he was all about. Recently, Morgan so graciously agreed to answer a few questions I had. The answers you can find below.

When did you first get into coffee?
As soon as I could stand on a chair, (1.5 years old) I was trying to push the buttons and pull on the portafilter of the espresso machine. So my mum and dad decided that instead of baby proofing the espresso machine, they would show me how to use it safely. I feel like I spent most of my babyhood in cafes. I was born in London and my first trip out of the house after being born was for coffee from Square Mile. I definitely preferred espresso to babyccinos!

Are your parents big coffee fans?
Yes. I am definitely lucky that my parents own a coffee distribution company, because I always get to try out new coffee equipment and coffee from all the best roasters! I like making coffee for their customers, and sometimes I help with the cash register, help with customer service emails, and help in the warehouse packing orders! I also get to go to barista competitions and hang out with barista champions. I’ve even judged a latte art competition and announced the scores for the Canadian Cup Taster’s competition. I was kind of born into coffee.

The logo for Notepad Coffee.

Do you have a favourite coffee roaster?
At the moment, Harken Coffee. They sent me a big bag of decaf and it was delicious. I usually use Rosso decaf for my pop ups – which reminds me that my friend Cole (and former Canadian barista champion) competed with Rosso decaf at Nationals this year. I also use non decaf coffee from my friend and F1 buddy David Kim (his favourite driver is Sebastian Vettel) I’d say he’s tying with Harken for the best coffee in Canada right now.

Do you have a favourite drink and/or brewing method?
My favourite brew method is the Hario Tetsu Kasuya Dripper. It has a lot of advantages- like you don’t need a timer and it’s really easy. The coffee it makes is really sweet. My friend and barista champion Josh Hockin told me that when he tried the Kasuya it was the first time he could taste every single one of the tasting notes written on the bag. It is definitely my most used brewer.

How much coffee do you drink on an average day?
I usually make a decaf cappuccino for me and my brother in the morning, and then I just have sips of my parents’ coffee throughout the day to try out what they’re having!

Thanks again for taking the time to do this Morgan, much appreciated. Again, feel free to check out Notepad Coffee on Instagram here.


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