Caffe Fantastico- Victoria

Part of the interior of the cafe.

Caffe Fantstico, a Victoria staple since 1998, has three locations throughout Victoria. I visited The Roastery location while I was there. Obviously, due to Covid-19, I didn’t get the full atmosphere experience. But from the peek I got inside, it seemed very warm and cozy. It was also cool having the roastery elements integrated into the cafe space. It added a sense of interest into the space that you don’t get everywhere. In terms of service, it was solid. The people were super friendly, and as a bonus, the order came out quick. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, and one I’d love to go back and repeat again. I guess you good say I had a “fantastico” good time.

My fantastic coffee!

For this review, I just ordered a standard latte. Overall, it was a very creamy, delicious, well balanced beverage. The espresso had a really nice punch to it with rich, deep chocolate notes that added some sweetness to the drink. However, this added sweetness did not push the drink into “too sweet” territory. Rather. it toed the line perfectly. There was great staying power in the espresso, with a very clean finish that rounded the latte out nicely. Overall, it was nearly perfect! Thanks for the great showing Caffe Fantastico, I will definitely be back next time I’m on the Island.

Atmosphere: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Coffee: 4.75/5

Overall: 4.5/5


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