Midnight Roasters- Home

Located in the heart of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford based Midnight Roasters is fairly new on the coffee scene. However, after trying their coffee, and meeting with founder Josh, I have no doubt that Midnight Roasters has what it takes to make it big in the coffee game. Before diving into the coffee itself, I want to take a moment to acknowledge their sleek, clever packaging that they use. For starters, I love the logo. It’s very simple and clean cut, yet elegant. The black with the bronze-ish type accents is a smart choice colour-wise. All around, it’s a very successful presentation. And while presentation isn’t everything, it certainly adds to the overall experience, and Midnight Roasters is killing it in this regard.

The coffee that I sampled from them was their Southern Cross- a Brazilian roast. The aroma signaled a promising start- it was very rich, and you got hit with hints of peanut butter. In terms of taste, the chocolate hit me right away while the peanut butter was more subtle, but still came through. I caught a slight hint of citrus closer to the finish which helped to liven things up. As the coffee cooled, notes of berry fruit began to come through. Overall, it was a very nice effort, and I loved the many dimensions the roast took on. Good work, Midnight Roasters, and thanks for letting me sample your coffee!

If you’d like to follow them along on their journey, you can check out Midnight Roasters on Instagram. To check out their full line-up of coffee, visit their store here.

Overall: 4.5/5


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