White Rabbit Coffee Co.- Nanaimo

Located in an old train station, White Rabbit Coffee is one of Nanaimo’s top coffee spots, and after visiting, it’s easy to see why. White Rabbit is huge on community, and you can feel that as soon as you walk through their doors. They make you feel right at home. The cafe itself is nice and bright creating sense of freshness- activating the space in a very smart, simple way. This translates to the staff as well. They’re very welcoming, friendly, and super knowledgeable about coffee. This combination of great staff and amazing ambiance makes for an incredible experience. Now, onto the coffee. Here’s a hint: this positive theme continues to the coffee as well.

I ordered a coratado, and man, was it lovely! The espresso was bold, but also not overpowering and in your face- it was very balanced. They use Fernwood Coffee espresso from Victoria. I got hit with a ton of chocolately notes. In addition, it was very bright, lively, and overall made for an exciting drink. As it should, the espresso really shines in this beverage, making it that much more special. Overall, coupling this beverage with the great atmosphere of the shop, it was quite a nice time. Thanks for the great experience, White Rabbit!

Be sure to check them out on Instagram and, if you’re in the Nanaimo area, check out their online store!

Atmosphere: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Coffee: 4.5/5

Overall: 4.5/5


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