White Goat Coffee- Home

My tasting notes.

Fast Facts:
Location: Terrace, BC
Coffee Name: Ethiopia Sidamo
Origin: Ethiopia
Brew Method: Aeropress

This coffee was not only one of my favourite Ethiopian varieties I’ve tried, but it’s also one of my favourite coffees that I’ve tried this year. Let me explain why. First, the aroma was very bright, vibrant and fruity- something I’ve come to expect from Ethiopian coffees. The blueberry notes hit you upfront creating a sweeter sipping coffee. I liken it to almost drinking a coffee-flavoured blueberry juice. However, that dissipates the further down the cup you go. On the back-end of the cup, chocolate notes really gel nicely with the blueberry, creating a slightly richer experience. This leads to a clean finish- almost like a silky caramel. Overall, it’s a very memorable and delicious coffee. Thanks for this, White Goat!

Overall: 4.75/5


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