Fawkes Coffee II- Home

Founded: 2020
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Roast Origin: Costa Rica
Altitude: 1100-1300 Masl
Process: Washed & Sun Dried
Brew Method: Aeropress

This second offering from Fawkes Coffee was another solid roast. If you haven’t seen my review of their Kenyan coffee, you can check it out here. In this Costa Rican coffee, sharp citrus notes ran wild on the nose, but were somewhat subdued by the presence of vanilla. The vanilla scent carried into the taste and featured quite prominently overall, lingering for quite a while. As a result, the citrus notes kind of get lost a bit at the beginning. However, as the coffee cools, these notes do make a reappearance. Overall, this coffee had a very silky mouthfeel and a smooth taste. It was a little on the sweeter side- not off-puttingly sweet, but definitely sweet. Even so, this is another solid offering from Fawkes. As a new roaster, I’ve been very impressed with them so far and I truly believe that they are one to watch in the future!

Overall: 4/5


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