Crickle Creek Coffee- Home

The Fast Facts
Location: Alberta, Canada
Founded: 1993
Origin: Kenya
Altitude: 1600masl
Price: $10/227g

The Review
Aside from being a super fun name to say, Crickle Creek makes some fantastic coffee as well. A few weeks back, they were kind enough to send a couple of coffees my way- a Kenyan and a Colombian (more on this one another day). Today’s review focuses on the Kenyan coffee. Kenya is quickly becoming one of my favourite coffee growing regions and this particular roast just accelerated that trend. On the nose, this coffee was both fruity and fresh, which made for an inviting cup. On the surface, it appeared to be on the darker side of medium, however that was corrected in the taste (so much so, one could argue it was a hair on the lighter side of medium). Anyway, enough getting bogged down on roast spectrum details. Those fruity notes I mentioned early are incredibly prominent in this roast. The first few sips it was like I was drinking a peach, those notes were so bold! I was able to pick out some citrus notes on the back-end which created a pineapple-like taste that was quite nice. This led to a very clean and vibrant finish. Thanks Crickle Creek for roasting this incredible coffee, I’m looking forward to trying that Colombian!

Also, feel free to check out Crickle Creek on Instagram and, while you’re at it, go and peruse their fine selection of coffee here. They have a coffee for everyone!

The Verdict
Overall: 4.25/5


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