Chwill Coffee Co.- Home

Fast Facts:
Location: North Vancouver, BC
Origin: Ethiopia
Roast Date: 11/11/20
Beverage: Aeropress

The Review
Chwill Coffee recently reached out to me and ever so graciously sent me a pair of their roasts to sample. This review deals with their Ethiopia Efrem Estate roast. This particular coffee was very lively on the nose. I detected some fruity notes, mainly cherry. Additionally, it smells much darker than it actually tastes which was a pleasant surprise. In terms of taste, I really got a smokiness upfront. This blended into vanilla undertones which helped cut the boldness of the smokiness. In addition to this, I did get hints of cherry that mingled in there as well. In the after-notes, I got something that I can only describe as a ‘hops’ type of flavour that really helped make this coffee memorable. Overall, this roast was a little dark for my liking, but still enjoyable. This is definitely a solid choice for the dark roast coffee lover in your life. Thanks Chwill for sending this over!

The Verdict
Appearance: 4/5
Aroma: 3/5
Flavour: 3.5/5


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