Phil & Sebastian- Home

Fast Facts
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Origin: Costa Rica
Roast Date: 13/10/20
Brew Date: 05/12/20

The Review
Now, I’ve had a few fantastic Costa Rican coffees in my time. I’ve also heard many great things about Phil and Sebastian, so I was incredibly excited to try this coffee out. It lived up to the vast majority of my incredibly high expectations (but can’t say that was too surprising). The aroma on this roast was overwhelmingly citrus-heavy- in particular orange- which I quite liked. It really provided a fresh, crisp base to build upon. Orange really came through on the taste initially, but that faded to allow other notes to take over. The orange fades to notes of caramel which really sweeten this roast up. This leads to a nice clean, crisp finish that really rounds this coffee out nicely. Overall this coffee was very smooth and easy drinking. It reinforced why I love Costa Rican coffees so much. Thanks for this fantastic roast, Phil & Sebastian.

The Verdict
Appearance: 4.5/5
Aroma: 5/5
Flavour: 4/5


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