Lighthouse Espresso- Home

Fast Facts:
Location: Fraser Valley, BC
Origin: Myanmar
Roast Scale: Medium-Dark
Beverage: Espresso

The Review:
This espresso has been sitting on my shelf for a while now, and I’ve been dying to try it out and finally got the chance (with our new espresso machine, no less). Overall, this was a very decent bean as an espresso. It wasn’t as dark as some, which I really appreciated as it allowed for some more delicate notes to shine. As far as aroma goes, it was crisp, with a spice, almost pepper-like quality to it. In terms of taste, it was quite smooth. The spiciness comes through followed by chocolate notes that really help to mellow the roast out and add a creaminess to the beverage. The pepper-like spice really comes back at the end to create a memorable, bold finish to the roast. This is a really well done offering by Lighthouse. I look forward to playing around with this coffee in different configurations. Thanks for this guys!

The Verdict:
Appearance: 4.25/5
Aroma: 4/5
Flavour: 4/5


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