Republica Coffee Roasters- Home

Fast Facts:
Location: Fort Langley, BC
Name: Fort Langley Blend
Origins: Colombia, Brazil, PNG, Indonesia, Peru, Ethiopia
Date Roasted: 04/12/20
Beverage: Aeropress

The Review:
For being a medium-dark roast, I was pleasantly surprised with both how smooth and vibrant this roast was. Also, with so many different aspects to this blend, there was a fair bit going on in this roast. In terms of aroma, it had a smooth, caramel-like scent with a hint of nuttiness. As for taste, it was bright and surprisingly citrus forward up-front. Definitely not something I was expecting given the aroma this roast was giving off, but it really added some dimension to the profile of this coffee. This blends to a mix of chocolate and caramel notes that bring this coffee back down to earth (not that that’s a bad thing). To round things out, this coffee has a smooth finish and a clean linger. It definitely had a lighter taste than your nose might tell you, and was overall a very solid blend.

You can check out Republica on their website here, and their Instagram here.

The Verdict:
Appearance: 4.75/5
Aroma: 3.75/5
Flavour: 4.25/5


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