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Today might just be your lucky day (as long as you enjoy reading about coffee, and I mean, you’re here, so you probably do) as I’ve got a 4-in-1 review for you! Based in Vancouver, I recently stumbled upon Pacific Packers. They offer what I’d describe as an “instant pour-over” in that it’s not instant coffee, but when you rip open that package, you have yourself a pour-over ready to go. It’s a very cool concept, great for camping and the like (plus it’s 100% compostable). Anyway, I had to try all four of their roasts, so without further ado, let’s dive in.

Dark Roast
The aroma on this roast featured rich notes of caramel with a slight smokiness. In terms of taste, that smokiness really comes through. I also got hints of licorice that seemingly came out of nowhere. I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t overly dark, but I’ll admit, it was still a tad too dark for me. Overall, a pretty solid offering!

Medium Roast
This roast was giving off more earthy tones with fainter hints of a sweet caramel. In terms of taste, this was a very easy drinking and smooth roast, definitely my second favourite of the four. Tasting notes of caramel featured prominently on this roast and overall, I found this to be on the lighter end of medium.

Light Roast
I found this roast to be even more earthy than the medium roast when it came to smell. The tasting notes on this roast though told a different story. It was very light and vibrant, with hints of tropical fruit that really helped crisp this roast up. The earthy notes returned at the finish to really ground this roast and round it out nicely. My personal favourite of the four.

I feel like decaf often gets a bad rap (and I’m guilty of feeding that narrative as well). However, this one was decent compared to some other decaf roasts I’ve had. I don’t really have a ton to say about this one to be honest haha.

Well, there you have it. A quick rundown of the four different roast profiles offered by Pacific Packers. It’s safe to say that I recommend checking them out. They’ve got a very neat concept, and great coffee to go along with it. You can find them on Instagram as well as over at their website.


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