Go Cup Yourself- Home

Fast Facts:
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Origin: Colombia
Washed: Fully Washed
Altitude: 6000+ fasl (feet above sea level)
Beverage: Pour Over

The Review:
I recently had the pleasure of connecting with the folks at Go Cup Yourself over on Instagram. I got this lovely Colombian roast to review. Now, before I dive into the review, I have to tell you about this cool feature that came with the coffee. There’s a QR code on the bag that you scan with your phone. This then takes you to their website where you can go through a virtual tasting! You simply enter your brew method, then pick out your tasting notes using their handy wheel. Finally, once your done sampling the coffee, you can compare the notes that you detected with those the experts came up with. It’s a very neat interactive feature, and a trend that I’d love to see more of in the coffee world. Anyway, onto the review!

So, I was pulling notes from all over the place when I sampled this coffee. However, I promise you, while they might seem disconnected from one another, it all came together and worked really well. On the nose, I got hints of both sweet and spicy which was intriguing. The sweetness really came through up front with hits of milk chocolate and marshmallow. This fades into a subtle, jasmine tea-like experience before being energized by a bold strawberry taste. The strawberry provides the roast with a very vibrant, refreshing, and memorable finish. Overall, it was a very smooth, easy drinking coffee that has a surprisingly complex tasting profile. Thanks, Go Cup Yourself!

Be sure to check out their website as well as give them a follow on Instagram.


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