Monogram Coffee- Home

Fast Facts:
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Origin: Honduras
Process: Washed
Price: $19/340g
Brew Method: Aeropress

The Review:
This Honduras offering from Monogram is a rich and decadent offering. Aroma-wise, I got something reminiscent of either chocolate cake or a really rich fudge. This made me quite excited to get into this roast. Upfront, I was nearly taken aback at how malty it was. So much so, that I feel it might turn some people off from this roast, but I quite enjoyed it. It made this roast stand out and be that much more memorable. These malty notes mingled with notes of chocolate to create a mouthfeel that was as rich as its scent. Together, these notes skewed this roast on the sweeter side. With that said, it wasn’t too sweet, instead butting up perfectly against that threshold. Overall, this roast was quite a solid first impression of Monogram. Those malty notes were genius and really added another layer of depth to the roast. The great coffee combined with the fantastic bag design, I think it’s safe to say that this won’t be my last experience with Monogram.


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