Whisky Infused Coffee- Home

Fast Facts:
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Origin: Colombia
Beverage: Pour Over
Fun Fact: These beans are aged for roughly 4-6 weeks to soak up the flavour notes.

The Review:
I first heard of this… trend (?) of barrel aging coffee in barrels that previously held alcohol such as whisky, rum, or wine-a couple of months ago and thought it was interesting. When Infusion Cask Coffee reached out to me, I was excited to get the opportunity to try it out. Man, was this ever a unique experience in the best possible way. Right out of the bag, you get undertones as a result of the beans stay in the barrel itself, most notably the smell of oak.

In terms of taste, the first thing that struck me was how smooth this roast was. It was incredible. There’s a certain spiciness that hits upfront, I liken it almost to a peppery level. This mixes with chocolate notes that really add some dimension to the coffee. There is also a very unique smokiness to it. I’ve always thought that smoky notes can be either hit or miss, but in this particular roast, they were balanced nicely by that chocolate. The smokiness dissipates by the end and the spiciness returns and really takes over which makes for a nice warming feeling as it goes down the throat. Overall, it’s a very solid roast and I will definitely be seeking out more of this style coffee in the future. Thank you, Infusion Cask for this incredible coffee!

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