Single Village Coffee Roasters-Home

Fast Facts
Location: White Rock, BC
Founded: 2014
Origin: Uganda
Roast Profile: Dark
Brew Method: Aeropress

The Review
Full disclosure: prior to opening this bag up, I was a little worried seeing ‘dark roast’ on the front. However, my worries were quickly swept away as this is, to put it simply, a dark roast done right. The initial aroma coming off these beans I liken to a rich, dark chocolate brownie mix. It has a great mix of sweetness and body that compliment each other nicely. Upon brewing, the rich chocolate notes and a sweetness almost like a caramel came over me. Overall, it smelled very promising, so I was excited to dive in!

Taste-wise, I’d describe this roast as having ‘dark roast tendencies’, but it truly navigates them well. It was surprisingly smooth with a combo of rich chocolate notes and a sweet toffee. They work well to create a very welcoming environment. There’s a bit of a nuttiness that hits on the back-end and into the finish. This really helps break up the sweetness and adds a nice finishing touch on the roast. Now, call me crazy, but I get a hint of licorice in the background throughout my experience with this coffee. Not a bad thing, and really it might just be me, haha. Overall, I’m normally not a huge dark roast guy, but this roast is very solid. I would highly recommend giving this roast to someone who doesn’t like dark roast coffee- you just might change their mind. Thanks for this, Single Village!

Also, for the next few weeks, $5 from every Single Village bag sold are going towards purchasing soccer uniforms and equipment for youth in Uganda where their farm is located. What a great cause! Check out there website and show your support.

Also, also, next Wednesday (April 7), my podcast launches! Stay tuned to my social channels for all the details in the coming days!


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