Black Fin Coffee I- Home

Fast Facts
Location: Seattle, WA
Origin: Guatemala
Brew Method: Aeropress
Roast Profile: Light/Medium Roast

The Review
Before we dive into the review of this coffee, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the great work that Black Fin does. They’ve partnered with PNW Protectors to highlight the struggle of the Resident Southern Orca. Anyone who lives in or has visited the Pacific Northwest knows that these animals are a staple of the area. All profits from these specially branded coffees go towards saving these endangered animals. Great coffee and a great cause? Count me in!

So, of the three coffees in this collection, I was perhaps most intrigued with this roast, the Protect blend. In terms of aroma, a mixed berry/cherry really came through for me. Overall, my first impression was that this coffee was quite vibrant and fresh! Taste-wise, the fruitiness really hit upfront. These notes acted in a similar fashion to a red wine. Following this, the roast mellows out a bit before it comes back with a strong chocolate focused finish that really makes this coffee more memorable. For a coffee billed as a light/medium roast, it really was able to develop some complex notes and a real richness which I was impressed by. All in all, this roast was full of surprises (in a really good way).

To find out more about what the PNW Protectors do, you can check out their website here. And if you’d like to try this coffee for yourself, you can find it, and the other two coffees in this collection, on the Black Fin Coffee site here.


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