Black Fin Coffee Pt. II- Home

Fast Facts
Location: Seattle, WA
Blend: Guatemala and Peru
Roast Profile: Light
Beverage: Pour Over

The Review
Welcome back to part two of my Black Fin Coffee series. In this installment I tackle their Empower blend. This 50/50 split of Guatemalan and Peruvian coffees works quite well together. In terms of aroma, this coffee was quite rich and sweet smelling. It seemed like a very robust blend. Taste-wise, it was quite fruity upfront, with peach being the dominant note. Overall, this roast was very clean and smooth. As I got deeper into the cup, there was a hint of nuttiness that mixed with the fruit notes. But man, those fruit notes had great staying power throughout the cup. They really helped lighten this roast up. At the end of the day, this was a really smooth, versatile, clean cut coffee. Out of the two roasts I’ve tried in the collection so far, I slightly prefer this one. While I do enjoy richer coffees, you can’t really go wrong with the lighter, punchier roasts! Thanks for this Black Fin.

As per usual, you can find this coffee along with all of the other ones in Black Fin’s line up here. As for Instagram, Black Fin can be found here.


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