My Coffee Roaster Wish-list Pt. II

A month or two back I released my wish-list of roasters that were on my radar, but I had yet to try. While I was crafting this initial list, I realized that there were a TON of roasters that didn’t manage to make it on the list. For that reason, I’m back with a part two of roasters that I want to try, but just haven’t got the chance to yet. Let’s go!

Twisted Goat Coffee
The first of two goat-themed roasters to make the list, Twisted Goat has been officially doing their thing up in Kamloops for several years now. They offer a wide variety of roasts that is sure to please any and all coffee lovers out there. The blend that caught my eye was “Adrenaline Junkie”- a mix of Peru and Ethiopia beans. Twisted Goat even offers a subscription service if that’s more your speed. Plus they have a great logo! You know I’m a sucker for a good logo haha.

Check out Twisted Goat’s full line of coffee here.

Just one of Transcend’s many offerings.

Transcend Coffee
In the business for over 15 years, you know Transcend must be doing something right. They take great care in sourcing their coffees and are huge advocates for sustainability. If that wasn’t enough, they also help support a plethora of great causes. Transcend has a great line-up of coffees to choose from and even offer both sample bags and instant coffee. There’s a reason why Transcend makes it so high on my to-try list!

You can find all of Transcend’s offerings here.

Lions Bay Coffee Company
Lions Bay offers a wide variety of blends and single origins to choose from. They’ve also got a very friendly social media team. Their coffee, in addition to being found on their website, can also be found at multiple retail locations throughout the lower mainland.

Check out Lions Bay on their website.

Eleven Speed Coffee Roasters
Started in 2017, Eleven Speed has been cruising ever since! I found out about them via Instagram not long after I started my blog. Based in Victoria, BC, Eleven Speed has a wide variety of coffee options. Truly something for everyone. I also really enjoy the sleek packaging they use.

You know the drill, Eleven Speed’s website.

Happy Goat Coffee Company
Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Happy Goat super talented and passionate team behind it. They travel directly to the countries of origin, so they know exactly where their coffee is coming from. They have a great mix of single origins and blends. Additionally, they have a handful of cafes that operate in the Ottawa area. Plus, who doesn’t love goats!

Happy Goat’s website can be found here.

Well, there you have it, another list in the books. Don’t be surprised if you see a part III of this series at some point in the future haha. Until next time, cheers!


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