BlackFin Coffee Pt. III

Fast Facts
Name: Restore Blend
Location: Seattle, WA
Roast Origin: DR Congo
Beverage: Pour-over

The Review
Welcome to the third and final installment of my Black Fin coffee series! Diving right in, let’s talk about the aroma of the Restore Blend. This roast was giving off major fruity undertones, specifically blueberry and cherry. Out of the three roasts in this collection, this one had the darkest smelling “essence”.

Moving on to taste, it had more of a medium roast profile which really allowed the fruity notes to shine through. I also got some citrus-like notes that made this roast that much more vibrant. Additionally, I got a slight hint of chocolate in the middle of everything. Overall, I found this roast to be much smoother than I was anticipating, with a nice linger to boot. Out of the three coffees in this collection, the Restore blend falls right in the middle, between the Empower and Protect blends. This was quite the impressive collection, made even better that it supports a great cause. Thanks for this BlackFin!

As always, you can check out the collection for yourself here.

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