Shatterbox Coffee- Victoria

Located in the Victoria Public Market, Shatterbox offers a decent variety of beverages to get your caffeine on (not to mention their array of soups and baked good options too)! This particular review is based off of the cortado I ordered, but I’ll definitely have to check out some of their other offerings too.

For their espresso, Shatterbox uses a blend of Ethiopian, Brazilian, Sumatra, and Colombian beans. Overall, I found this blend to be quite delightful. It was very bright and fruity up front. In particular, I picked up notes of cherry and perhaps some sort of mixed berry as well. This led to chocolate notes on the back end that blended perfectly with the previous fruity notes. It also had quite the clean finish to it, along with good staying power. I quite enjoyed the notes in this espresso and I thought that the cortado really allowed the espresso to shine. Overall, it was a very solid drink, well done Shatterbox!


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