Quince Cafe- Sidney

Sidney, BC. A beautiful little town by the ocean. It makes for a stunning background upon which to drink your coffee. Recently, I took a jaunt up there to check out Quince Cafe. Quince has been around for about five years now and they are located just a short stroll from the beach. Thanks to COVID, at the time of my visit, I was unable to sit inside, so my judgement of atmosphere is based solely on observation. It was a rather small space inside, but it seemed like it would be quite cozy, especially on an early morning in fall or winter. They do however have a sprawling patio which was perfect for summer. Before I dive into the coffee review, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention their excellent coconut raspberry coffee cake that I enjoyed during my visit. Highly recommended!

So, I ordered a latte while I was there. Overall, it was quite delightful. The milk had a decent texture and was steamed well. The espresso was pleasant (they use 49th Parallel beans). It had a strong chocolate hit upfront. This gave way to a more fruity back-end that I liken to either cherry or a mixed berry. Regardless, it was very smooth and played well with the creaminess of the milk. I did quite enjoy my visit to Quince and I will definitely be back (especially to try some of their other delicious looking pastries). Thanks Quince for the good time!

You can check out Quince Cafe on Instagram or by visiting their website.


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