Red Wine Infused Coffee- Infusion Cask

Welcome back to the final installment of my Infusion Cask Infused Coffee series. This week I was able to try their red wine infused beans. As with the previous infused coffees I’ve tried from them (of which you can find the whisky infused post here and the rum infused one here) this was another solid and unique experience.

Right off the bat, the aroma was incredibly intriguing on this roast. It reminded me almost of a mulled wine as I picked up on notes of cloves and cinnamon. There was also a fruitiness on the nose that included both blueberry and cherry. I found the taste mimicked a red wine in many aspects. It had a bolder taste than my previous experiences with Infusion Cask, yet it was still quite smooth drinking. The red wine notes paired quite well with the coffee, both playing off each other nicely. It was quite a fruit-forward coffee which then faded into more chocolate notes. Near the end, I got a slight hint of either woodiness or nuttiness that really centered me back on how this coffee was aged. It was a nice ending to a really solid coffee. Everything in this coffee worked well together. Thanks for this Infusion Cask, keep up the great work!


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