Stick in the Mud- Home

Stick in the Mud located on beautiful Vancouver Island has been doing their thing since all the way back in 2007! I got the opportunity to try their Swallow dark roast blend. Overall, I was quite impressed with this coffee. The aroma was filled with chocolate notes as well as a slight hint of smokiness that I find a lot of dark roasts have. I also picked up on a slight hint of date on the nose as well. I was intrigued to dive into this one!

My first thought when I tasted this one was how clean this roast was- impressive for a dark roast. As I picked up on earlier, the chocolate notes were front and centre on this coffee, running strong throughout from front to back. This chocolate was quite rich, reminding me of a dark fudge. That hint of smokiness greets you before getting overpowered. On the back end, there was a nice nuttiness that I found to be a pleasant surprise. This coffee continued a trend for me regarding dark roasts in that I am liking them more and more. They keep blowing me away. Keep up the great work Stick in the Mud!


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