Beach Camp Coffee Co. III- West Coast Trail Roast

Welcome back to the final installment of my Beach Camp Coffee series (at least for now). If you’re not caught up or would just like a refresher, you can find my first two posts here and here. The focus for this post is on the West Coast Trail Roast, the lightest roast of the three. While all three coffees were very solid, this one was definitely my favourite for a variety of reasons which I’ll get into (like, right now).

So, the overarching theme of this coffee was just how darn fruity it was! On the nose, blueberry dominated the profile, but there were also some richer chocolate notes- a very good combo I might add. In terms of taste, again, an incredibly fruit forward roast. It had kind of a mixed berry thing going on which I was digging. But again, blueberry seemed to be the predominant flavour. There were subtle chocolate notes throughout the experience, but they became more bold on the back end, creating a more en”RICH”ing experience (haha). Overall, I enjoyed the vibrancy of this roast and the fruitiness that punched through. To sum up my initial experience with Beach Camp, I’m very impressed. I’d say it’s safe to say my expectations were far surpassed. Keep up the great work out there in Port Renfrew!


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