Fullstrong Coffee II- “Bordeaux”

Welcome to the second part of my Fullstrong Coffee series. For part one, you can find that through this link. In this edition, I had the opportunity to sample their “Bordeaux” blend- a darker blend. As I’m sure you know by now, traditionally I’ve been a little leery of darker coffees, but I’ve come around on this front due to some truly incredible roasts. This particular coffee continued this trend.

On the nose, my first impressions were the richness of the coffee and the heavy chocolate notes. Additionally, I picked up on a little fruitiness, blackberry in particular. Taste-wise, perhaps to nobody’s surprise, it was definitely on the darker side of the roast spectrum. With that said, it did have a delicate side as well, almost as if a dark roast was masquerading as more of a medium. The most prominent roasts I picked up on were both raisin and chocolate. There was also an understated caramel-ness to the roast as well that carried throughout. Finally, there was a very light hint of a smokiness on the back end. This is truly the type of dark(er) roast that I enjoy. Overall, this was quite a solid offering, thanks Fullstrong!


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