Hullabaloo Coffee Truck

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Hullabaloo coffee truck located next to the Red Barn (which is a very cool store in its own right). They have a pretty neat set up with a few tables in a fairly quiet local. Being that it was a beautiful fall afternoon when I went, they seemed to be quite busy. Both the atmosphere and level of service were on point. I ordered myself a cortado, and overall I was very impressed!

The espresso in the cortado was very smooth and had a mild profile that mixed very well with the milk. It had “classic” tasting notes that included both chocolate and a certain nuttiness. Now, with that said, there wasn’t anything “unique” about this particular cortado, but sometimes you just need that classic taste and this certainly delivered. I was incredibly happy with my initial experience at Hullabaloo, and I will definitely be back. Oh yeah, did I mention they also serve ice cream too?

You can check out Hullabaloo on their Instagram here.


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