Red Raccoon Coffee- Brandy Aged Coffee

This year, I seem to have had quite a few infused coffees (not that I’m complaining), but up to this point, I haven’t tried a brandy aged coffee. Thanks to Red Raccoon Coffee, I can cross that off the list now. Based in the Vancouver area, Red Raccoon is brand new on the coffee scene, but they’ve already made an impact on the coffee scene. This is part one of my Red Raccoon series. Let’s dive into these brandy aged beans.

Starting as I do with the aroma, it was very smooth off the top with hints of caramel and, to a lesser extent, citrus. My first impressions were that this coffee is a very inviting and approachable roast. In terms of taste, this theme continues. I found it to be oddly reminiscent of a Caramilk bar. It was very smooth with chocolate and caramel notes predominantly up front. Additionally, there is a certain nuttiness that it gives way to with just a pinch of citrus on the back end. Honestly, this might be my favourite of all the infused coffees I’ve sampled. It’s a really solid roast and there’s a lot to like about it. Thanks for this Red Raccoon!

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