Hey Monday!- Espresso Roast

Normally, most of us groan and complain when Monday rolls around, but the folks behind Hey Monday! are doing a great job of changing how I feel about Monday. The enthusiasm in their branding matches the enthusiasm that they pour into every single bean that they roast. Recently they sent me a bag of their espresso roast to try out. Often I find that espresso roasts can be a little rough around the edges but this particular roast was more delicate and well-rounded. Let’s dive in!

Off the nose, this roast smells quite sweet. You can really pick up on the brown sugar notes and, to a lesser extent the chocolate. In terms of taste, the chocolate notes hit first. These notes were dark and rich, yet smooth- providing a nice balance for the roast that carried throughout. This gave way to a more fruity middle consisting of a plum or date type of fruit. This really helped to liven the roast up and helped to refresh things a tad. Finally, the brown sugar notes hit which was my personal favourite part of the coffee. It provided a certain sense of comfort that really rounded out the roast nicely.

This review is based on my use of this coffee as a pour over. With that said, I can see how this would be a really nice espresso as well which is something I want to try next. I feel like the notes in this coffee would marry well with the creaminess of milk in a latte or cortado. Overall a very well done job by Hey Monday! Keep up the great work!


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