Selkirk Moose- Farm & Forest

Before we dive into the actual review, I feel like it’s worth mentioning some background information on Farm & Forest. I feel like their mantra can be summed up in two words- sustainability and community. Sustainability is huge, especially in this day and age. For starters, Farm & Forest is a carbon neutral company. Additionally, they donate a portion of proceeds from each bag to conservation efforts protecting habitat for our Canadian wildlife. If that wasn’t enough, their coffee bags are 100% recyclable! As far as community goes, I’ve talked at length before about how coffee and community go hand in hand. Farm & Forest aims to cultivate this community and their bag designs feature artwork from a local BC artist. All around, Farm & Forest is a fantastic roaster run by amazing people.

This medium roast offering from Farm & Forest comes from Guatemala. I’ve always appreciated Guatemalan coffees for their vibrant notes and this coffee was no exception. On the nose, this roast was very sweet smelling, almost like a sugar cookie. There was a hint of either a caramel or molasses as well which really helped round things out. I was very excited to get into this one!

There was loads of flavour up front on this coffee! It was bursting with fruity notes, especially grape, creating a very crisp and sharp experience. This faded to more of a brown sugar sweetness resulting in a very smooth, almost caramel-like finish. As this roast cools, I found that there was an added spiciness, albeit subtle, that, in my opinion, really elevated the roast and deepened my liking for it. Overall, this coffee was really nice. I found it incredibly approachable, while at the same time oozing very intriguing notes that would hold the attention of even the most experienced coffee drinker. Hats off to you, Farm & Forest.

Also, some exciting news to share! I’m partnering with Farm & Forest on a giveaway over on Instagram. Stay tuned to both our feeds for the details next week! Farm & Forest’s page can be found here. And you can find me here.


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