Vulture Ridge Coffee- Naylor Bay

Vulture Ridge Coffee has been roasting coffee for about a year now over on Mayne Island, between Vancouver Island and the mainland. I ran into them at a market and, you know me, I’m always intrigued to find a new roaster to try. One of the things I loved about Vulture Ridge was their bag sizes. They offered a 1/4 pound bag which is great as it allows you to try out a coffee without committing to a full bag. I picked up a bag of their Naylor Bay offering.

In terms of aroma, this roast was bold and fruity. There were also hints of both chocolate and a touch of smokiness. The intense fruity notes were front and centre taste-wise as well. Blueberry was the prominent note up front. Coupled with dark chocolate, this resulted in a really smooth, yet bold flavour with an incredibly smooth finish. The blueberry lingered for an impressive time and it mingled with the slightest hint of smoke. Overall, I was quite impressed with Vulture Ridge and I look forward to trying more of their offerings in the future!


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